Family Dentistry

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Family Dentistry Services


What Is A Family Dentist?


A Family Dentist accepts patients of all ages; infants, toddlers, school age, teenagers, adults and seniors. Offering the convenience of a one stop for all family members. Family Dentists provide all the regular dental services from cleaning to root canals to many other procedures. In short a Family Dentist is specialized in taking dental care of each and every family member. It’s very important you visit Ocean Dental Care every three to six months to do your regular dental check ups.

Preparing For A Dental Visit


First and foremost, think of this dental visit as a fun and exciting activity that will provide you with a refreshing and exciting feeling afterwards. Explain to your children the importance of dental visits and why their going, but try not to go into to much detail, leave that to the specialized Family Dentist to do. They have their ways with communicating to children in a fun and amusing way.


Dentistry has changed and is more sensitive to patients needs – particularly the needs of children. Children are not born with a fear of the dentist, but their fears may stem from the “unknown” or the thought of being separated from a parent during treatment. We can help set them at ease.

Please remember to bring a list of your child’s medication with you at appointment time. We are looking forwards to meeting you and your child and establishing a lasting relationship.


What Happens During Your First Dental Visit?


Our qualified and trained team of Hygienists/ Dental Assistants and Dentists will ensure your comfort first, answer any questions and thoroughly complete the following:


- A Full Examinations: The Dentist will complete a thorough examination of your mouth including your teeth, gums, bite, and tooth decay. Looking for signs of any dental problems. The early the detection the easier the reversal.


- X-Rays: The Dentist uses X-Ray Machines that emit virtually no radiation to better evaluate your dental situation. X-Rays help diagnose unnoticed dental concerns that help determine what dental procedures are required. 


- Thorough Cleaning: Using Special instruments, a dental hygienist will complete a teeth cleaning; Scraping under the gum-line, removing built-up plaque, polishing and flossing.  The Dentist will also go over the proper way of cleaning your teeth or your child’s teeth at home.


- Discuss Next Steps: After performing the Dental Exam and reviewing the X-Rays, the dentist will advise you on the next required steps. This could mean booking for another dental appointment to begin a procedure or it could be as simple as providing you with some tips about what you can do at home to maintain a good oral hygiene. 


Don’t forget to address any Dental Concerns or ask any questions. This is your one on one time with a Specialized Family Dentist.